Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray (300mL)



We're talking about that classic, flip-your-head-upside-down-for-a-volumizing-fluff drill. And we just made the move ten times better with the most exciting finishing spray youíll ever get your hands on. Spritz your locks upside-down, sideways, backwards, however and wherever you need a hit of hold and volume. Our innovatively-designed nozzle super-charges hair with big-time body from any angle. Trust us: You'll flip for the stuff.

Spray from any direction, upside down, sideways, anyway
Lifts and holds hair for full-blown style
Locks in volume and shine for a full 72 hours
Hold level 10+ (Ultimate Hold) 

Directions: Shake can well. Spray with abandon in any direction; our unique actuator allows for 360-degree sprayability.


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