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Multi purpose brush

Not only is it a good teasing brush, but it does a fantastic job of cleaning hair out of my curdling brushes! I love it.

Babyliss Pro Teasing Brush



  • Wood TEASING brush with boar bristles
  • Made of 100% maple wood
  • Slim design with a pointed sectioning tail
  • Varied bristle lengths positioned in a straight line
  • Superior-grip handle
  • Extra-firm boar bristles reinforced with nylon bristles
  • Lightweight construction
  • ¼” long, 3/8” wide
  • Varied bristle lengths make it easier to tease hair
  • Slim handle allows for fine stroking action
  • Ergonomic design positions the hand for minimal stress while teasing
  • Pointed tail allows stylist to section the hair while styling
  • Boar bristles leave the hair smooth and shiny
  • Nylon bristles penetrate even the thickest hair
  • Excellent for creating up-dos

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