ISO Maintamer Two-Step Straightening System



ISO Maintamer Straightening System is a 2-step straightening system that achieves unsurpassed smoothness, manageability, and shine, leaving hair in excellent condition. ISO Maintamer Straightener is ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, un-perming ends and controlling frizzy hair.

Discover the ISO Maintamer Straightening System. 2 steps away from beautiful, healthy, straight hair. Use Maintamer as a straightener or as a Re- texturizer.

Step 1: With Isohaline alters the pattern of naturally curly or previously permed hair. It softens the hair for increased smoothness and manageability.

Step 2: Contains botanical ingredients such as cherry bark lavender lemongrass rosemary and soybean proteins. It provides superior conditioning and adds shine and protection.

Hair Type & Condition: Ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, unperming ends and controlling frizzy hair.

Features & Benefits:
  • Thio-free
  • Lye-free
  • Isohaline technology
  • Virtually Damage-free
  • Frizz-free
  • Unsurpassed smoothness and manageability
  • Superior conditioning
  • Added shine and protection
  • Great on virgin and tinted hair

Designed for:
    Use Maintamer on normal hair, previously permed hair, tinted hair (up to 20 volume) or lightly high-lighted hair (up to 40%). Not for use on heavily highlighted (over 40%) bleached (over 20 volume) high lift tinted hair or hair previously treated with lye (any hydroxide) relaxers, henna and acid colors.

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